In the beginning

there was light. And in the light, there was path…

And now I’m following my own path, thru life of my own. Where it will lead, I do not know yet, when and how it ends is entirely unknown to me.

I have been pondering questions about life and death pretty much in past year and half. There has been some dissosiative interruptions in my mind, along with panic disorder and some other nasty conditions I would not like to recall at this moment.

What I hope for is that I become better person, more stable, and more patient. That I would have heart and wisdom to treat this planet and its inhabitants with love rather than hate or prejudice and doubt.. And courage to accept even the negative aspects of life that inevitably arise.

Right now, I feel mostly loneliness, uncertainty and even fear…

But as one of my friends often says, “Never give up, never surrender!” (quote from movie “Galaxy Quest”), I hope to hang out in this world, in this life, and make the best out of it, trying to achieve something greater..

If you have any words to relief me in my journey, feel free to comment here.

Peace, Love, Unity & Respect! <3

Moby – In This World